Mum left red-faced after misjudging size of paddling pool during online order

A stay-at-home mother learned to never judge a book by its cover the hard way after receiving an online order for her 11-year-old daughter.

Claire Macdonald, from Macduff, Aberdeenshire, made a shocking discovery when she opened the package that arrived at her door.

After ordering a paddling pool for her daughter, Amy, she was stunned to see that the object she was waiting for to make the most of the sunshine was not much bigger than a TV remote.

The 11-year-old had hoped to cool off from the recent hot weather in her highly-anticipated paddling pool, but her dreams of a home vacation were cut short when her mum broke the bad news.

When the 31-year-old mum unwrapped the £12 parcel from eBay, she found an extremely tiny item instead, leaving poor Amy with a miniature pool resembling more of a foot spa rather than a swimming pool.

Claire explained: “I wanted to get a paddling pool for my daughter but didn’t want anything too big because it would take too long to fill, so I thought this would be perfect.”

However, the paddling pool was anything but perfect, as it could certainly not fit a person.

“I just laughed so much when I opened it,” Claire said.

She continued: “Usually eBay isn’t too bad for shopping fails but I guess I’ve just got bad luck.”

The stunned mum photographed the ridiculously-sized object with a TV remote placed in it to emphasise the absurdity of the situation.

“I might just fill it up with water and let my cat drink out of it,” Claire said. She added: “At least it’s worth using for something despite my stupidity!”

Nevertheless, this is not Claire’s first unfortunate incident following an order placed online.

As a matter of fact, the unlucky mum joked about her numerous shopping faux-pas and how she had nearly enough tiny objects to fill a whole dollhouse.

She admitted: “I’m very prone to these online shopping fails. One time I ordered a pan which could only fit half a potato in it.

“Another time there was a tiny heart-shaped rug that was supposed to fill my living room floor but it wouldn’t even fit on a seat.

“I’ve also had the other end of the spectrum when I got a lampshade for Amy’s room which was basically the same size as her.

“My family always makes a joke out of it. I end up just laughing everything off.”