Bride replaces flower girl with ‘money man’ leaving wedding guests in stitches

A traditional Western wedding often involves a sophisticated entrance of the bride walking down the aisle following a sweet little flower girl throwing petals to classical music while emotional guests sit and watch in silence.

However, one particular couple decided to ditch traditional ceremony customs and replaced the classic flower girl formality for a ‘money man’ walking down the aisle to hip & hop music.

Jenny, a wedding planner from Las Vegas, shared a video on TikTok of a bearded man walking before the bride while throwing dollar bills at the guests to Travis Porter’s ‘Make It Rain’.

The wedding planner captioned the hilarious moment: “Who needs a flower girl when you have a money man!”

It was unclear what the nature of the man’s relation to the marrying couple was, however, this money man appeared to be more than comfortable as he strutted down the aisle with all the confidence in the world.

The guests watching the surprising show appeared to be amused as some were seen laughing, dropping their jaws in awe, and also filming the whole scene on their phones.

The TikTok video quickly went viral as it was watched over 13 million times, and received 2.5 million likes.

People commented about their amazement to see that the guests remained so calm when real money was flying across the room.

One person wrote: “This audience is too classy for me lol my bills would of been paid!”

Another commented: “I would’ve been all on that floor lol.”

Others thought the concept was not such a bad idea, joking that throwing cash at the audience could potentially be cheaper than buying a lavish bouquet.

A TikTok user said: “Proly less expensive than flowers to be honest”, to which the wedding planner replied with a laughing emoji face.

Jenny confirmed in the comments that the money being thrown was in fact real, leaving many people inspired for their own wedding plans.